How You Can Help

Ananda Farm is fundraising to build a covered year round Handicapped Accessible Facility for the Veterans. We are a 501c3 tax exempt organization.




August 22— Savage 61 Toss a Ball proceeds will be donated to Horses Helping Heroes

First Energy Stadium, Reading PA

Logo_Savage61_TheAllNewReading Fightin Phils


Pave the Way for our Heroes: More information coming soon. Bricks will go on Sale Labor Day 2015
You are invited to purchase a brick, to be included in the completion of the new facility. A Hero Path will be the focal point of the entrance to the new facility, you may purchase a brick to honor or in memory of a Veteran. There will also be a second walk way to honor your loved ones or even pets, it will be separate from the Hero Path. These brick sales are vital to the funding of the new facility; and your purchase can and will make a difference. There is no better way to recognize a veteran or active service member, than by honoring them with a permanent engraved brick.

Buying a brick is the one gift that truly keeps on giving. This is a permanent way to honor your veterans and their sacrifices to this county. Have you remembered your veteran today?





November 7th 8:00-11:00 Pancake Breakfast $7.00 per ticket
Includes: Pancakes, Bacon, Coffee, Smoothies


Dairy Queen

Kenhorst Plaza, 820 Kenhorst Plaza, Kenhorst, PA 19607-3650
(610) 775-4047