Andrea has always been passionate about three important parts of life: Faith, Family, and Country.

Being the daughter of Major Michael St. Angelo, US Army has taught her the realities of what our servicemen/women face. Major St. Angelo served our country in the Vietnam war, active and reserve service for 43 years. He has also served as a civilian on government projects in Iraq, Kuwait, and supported the Bosnia operation from Hungary. His most recent position supported efforts of the NRO. He is a professor of Computer Science.

The realities of what these heroes do for our country is understood by few but judged by many. Andrea has made it a focus of Ananda Farm to serve Veterans and their families for all they have done and sacrificed to keep our citizens safe.

Thank you for all you do for this country, welcome home!!

We offer an 8 week program that helps soldiers cope with the stress of serving, transition home from war, transition from military employment to the civilian work place. Our horses will help you find you again. Our Horses Helping Heroes program is offered to Veterans individually, in a group, or with their family. There is no charge to the Veteran or their Family. All funding comes in through donations, Veterans Organizations, and grants.