Board of Directors


Major Michael St. Angelo
Major Mike is Andrea’s father and the person who inspired this program. He saw a need in the Veteran community and raised his daughter to love horses and honor Veterans. Mike is a member of the Leesport VFW. He lives in Berks County with his wife of 42 years, Kay. Mike participates in all planning sessions and networks for the program.

Andrea and Sean
Andrea Swift, M.Ed.
Director of Equine Facilitated Learning
Andrea taught emotional support for 10 years. She is certified in Elementary and Special Education and has a Master’s Degree in Education Administration. Andrea utilizes the natural behaviors of horses to help humans overcome stressors in their lives. Andrea lives in Berks County with her husband, four children, and 8 horses (and all the other wonderful animals that make the farm home.

Marlene and Chris
Marlene Greiser
Director of Veteran Outreach//Grant Writing Specialist
Marlene is the MOTIVATION behind Horses Helping Heroes.. She is constantly working to network and look for funding to keep the program free to Veterans and their families. She also has a degree in Social Work, so helps to lead the program and develop curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of Veterans.

Howard and Michele Porter
Michelle Porter
Veteran Family Consultant
Michelle and her Hero Husband live the daily journey of life after service to this country. They live with their daughter, Maddie who is soo proud of her Daddy, SSG Howard Porter’s service in both Persian Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom. The entire Porter Family gives back every chance they get in volunteering, fundraising, and helping to develop programs that reach Veterans and their families.

Joyce and Tom
Joyce Allen
Fundraising Coordinator
Joyce never stops looking for ways to raise money to help Veterans and the horses who make this program possible. Joyce, her husband Tom, and son Chris volunteer and keep the staff and Veterans smiling at all times. Joyce notices all of the details in the program and is an essential advisor to Andrea when making decisions. Joyce is a founding board member of Ananda Farm.


Gale Dewald
Equine Specialist and Vice President
Gale selects and helps train all equine staff members at Ananda Farm. He has over 40 years of riding experience. He has been a member of Parelli Savvy club for 20 years and has attended natural horsemanship workshops at Parelli Centers as well as Willowbrook Farm. He has a herd of Kiger Mustangs and has naturally started 5 kiger mustangs under saddle and one domestic horse. He has diverse riding experience including riding the trails in Pa,Ohio,Nebraska, New Mexico, & Canada. Gale and his horses have traveled to clinics in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, and New York learning from the top experts in the country about horsemanship. Gale is a founding board member of Ananda Farm

Christy and her pup
Christy Krum
Co-Director of Educational Outreach Programs and Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor Assistant
Christy lives on her 12 acre farm with her husband and three sons. She is an animal lover and is our resident poultry first aid specialist. Christy has saved many chicks that are now happy hens and roosters for our chick hatching program. Christy is a natural teacher and is well received by the schools that we visit with our animals. She is one of our most dedicated staff members who helps with every program we offer. She also gives Andrea a break when on vacation by taking great care of the herds.

Phyllis King
Veteran Family Advisor
Phyllis is the very proud mother of a Naval surgeon, Scott King. She knows all of the issues parents face in supporting their son’s service and military career. Scott has served this country with honor and skill and is now retired from the Navy and is in private practice. Phyliss always helps to feed the Veterans when they visit and encourages all of the staff. She grew up on the farm so she enjoys horse time too.

Shirley and Ruby

Shirley Kulp
Natural Horsemanship Instructor and Horse Trainer
Shirley has volunteered since the initial visit of the Veterans in 2011. Her Kiger Mustang, Ruby, is one of the Veteran’s favorite equines in the program. Shirley is Ananda Farm’s horse whisperer… she helps teach staff, horses, and the actual program too. She lives with her husband, Rev. Jerry Kulp in Lehigh County.

riding pumpkin
Sean Swift
Treasurer, Farm Handyman and CTO
Sean supports the business end of Ananda farm, he keeps track of donations/expenses, builds structures and maintains the property, and keeps the web site up and running. Sean is married to Andrea, and they live in Berks County with their 4 children and 8 horses. Sean fell in love with horses as an adult and you will find him spending time with Paisley, a Kiger Mustang who loves her human Daddy.