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August J. Smith WWII Navy Thomas P Huston WWII Airforce Scott King US Navy
Nyah and Jack Abby and Grammy Leon Wetzel US Army WWII purple heart
Major Michael St. Angelo US ARMY Green Beret Harry Wedde US Army Ralph Wetel US Army
Daniel Ludwig US Army Hugo A. Tramontina Navy WWII 4 bronze stars Ted B. Birtch US Army Air Force WWII
For All Service People Harry Wedde US Army WWII Dennis Ludwig National Guard
Daniel Ludwig US Army Iraqi Freedom Susie Tyler Marian Paul Susan Paige Owen Ian
David and Ilene In honor of Joseph Brennan In honor of William C. MacGregor
In Memory of Allen J Brennan In Memory of Jay Missar In Honor of Clare MacGregor
Fern S. Kramer air defense team ground observer corps during World War II and the Korean War In honor of Gerald Speicher USAF In Memory of Carole Speicher (cardinal)
SSG Howard Porter-Persian Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom Maddie Porter– brave daughter of Hero Daddy 1st Lt. James Dugger- KIA Vietnam
John Filipowicz– US Army Gordon Scott– US Army Air Corp. In Memory of All Heroes Who Served
In Memory of all Police Officers In Memory of Mervin H Orwig In Honor of James N. Waits Jr
Grandson Barry Army Grandson Jeremy Marine Loving Wife Carol
Loving Daughter Beth Frank Nebenfuhr Thomas J Davies US ARMY 68-70< x 4
Marian Skomsky RT OT/RT OPT Program Tom Tucker USAF Vietnam
Frank Vols Army Vietnam 1969-1970 Brian Conklin USMC John Miller USAF Lilly
Dave Carey Navy Ruby Dave Adams USAF Mike Boyle US Marines (Vietnam Era)
God Bless All who Serve (Jillian Michel) SVXC SV Track and Field
Daniel Barrow USMC Lucky x 5 Danyelle Army Reserves Barnaby x 5 Logan Farr Blue Mountain Football Bravest Athlete
Kid, Ginger, Cougar, Bailey, ruby, Paisley– Kigers Bill Grinage music note Major Michael St. Angelo Bravest Dad and Pop Pop
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Kulp Alexander Swift and Paisley Alyssa Swift and Lucky
Eric Swift and Pumpkin Nicholas Swift and Rocky Barnaby, Lilly, Cookie
Denise Daron Benjamin
Christopher Sharp Family Murray Family
Joyce Allen Tom Allen Betty and Richard Bucher
Janice Larry Barry
Chris Allen KCBA Architects Three Bays Farm
Neil and Janet Citron